Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Training

Tue, June 12, 20189:00 AM - 5:00 PM

We are excited to offer a WRAP class (described below) for those who would like to develop their own WRAP plan, and possibly explore using this method within their school or community. This class is being offered for FREE!

 WRAP ® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is now being offered! 

 WRAP®-2 DAY Workshop

  • Allows participants to create an individualized plan that is self-directed and empowering
  • WRAP® can be used for any type of challenge, some challenges may include: diabetes, addiction/substance use, smoking, trauma, pain management, mental health issues, and anger management
  • WRAP® is being used in schools, hospitals, veterans’ facilities, and various other locations.
  • In this interactive workshop participants will explore the key concepts of WRAP®, hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support

Key Elements of WRAP® 

  • Wellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identifying Triggers and Action Plan
  • Identifying Early Warning Signs and Action Plan
  • Identifying When Things Are Breaking Down and Action Plan
  • Crisis Planning
  • Post Crisis Planning

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